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Khumjung is located above the Namche Bazar about 85 miles northeast of Kathmandu. Khumjung is a small monastery village, inside the Sagarmatha National Park, a World Heritage Site. It is at an elevation of 3,790 meters above sea level and is near Mount Khumbila. Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter flights provides you with a wonderful view of snowcapped mountains, and a beautiful valley of Khumjung. The flight takes around 54 minutes from Kathmandu to reach Khumjung distancing 138 kilometers from Kathmandu. Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter flights is one of the best helicopter flights in the Himalayas. The trip offers the world`s tallest mountains and beautiful landscapes.

The Khumjung helicopter tour is a unique experience flying over 8000 meters and discovering the wonder of nature from a different perspective, beginning from the domestic terminal of Kathmandu Airport. A helicopter tour on a circular route via Khumjung is the fastest way to discover the wonders of the Khumjung valley in a brief period. . Regarded as the most picturesque valley of Everest, this tour takes you hovering above dense woodlands, extensive pastureland, and High Mountain valleys, flying along with the Himalayan giants. You can get to discover the beauty of this region from the luxury of a helicopter. The helicopter flight to Khumjung offers you more security and comfort than the other regular flights. The helicopter to Khumjung will be a thrilling experience flying over the snow-clad gorgeous Himalayas and having an eagle-eye view of the landscapes, local settlements, monasteries, glaciers, and icefalls of the Everest region. Likewise, while taking Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter flight you don’t need to worry about flight delay or cancelation as it will operate during poor weather conditions following all the safety measures.

Well Nepal Travel arranges daily services for a Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Khumjung. You will get both options of private as well as joining helicopter flights.

Private Helicopter Flights

The cost to Khumjung also depends upon the helicopter charter flights and group joining flights. Helicopter charter flights are more comfortable as you will explore the beautiful landscapes of the Everest region with your colleagues. So, the cost of hiring helicopter charter flights is a bit more expensive in comparison to group joining helicopter flights. If you take a private Helicopter to Namche, you will have to face any unnecessary flight delays, and you will not have better privacy flying with your team.

Group Joining Helicopter Flights

The group joining Helicopter tour are very affordable. This Helicopter flight works based on cost sharing. Exciting Nepal arranges the flight who are willing to fly Khumjung via helicopter. If you are a single person flying to Khumjung, Group sharing helicopter flight would be best for you. It will not only save the budget but also assures timely flights.

Highlights of Kathmandu to Khumjung Helicopter flights

  • Breath-taking views of the snow-capped mountains, beautiful landscapes, and tranquil lakes
  • Aerial views of World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley
  • Easy and comfortable flight over the urban city of Kathmandu city
  • A close-up shot of the world`s highest mountain, Mt. Everest
  • Bird`s eye view of beautiful settlement and surrounding landscapes at Khumjung
  • Comfortable seats for Passengers

Weight Limit for Kathmandu to Khumjung Helicopter flight

The helicopter weighs 500kg and can accommodate 2 to 5 people at a time (not including the pilot). As per the weight of the participants, elevation over 4000 meters, and other factors, we may use multiple helicopters for the tour. We guarantee full window seats to every participant from the beginning to the end of the helicopter tour.

Average recommended weight: 80kg per person

The weight limit for 3 people: Maximum 250kg

The weight limit for 5 people: Maximum 500kg

Maximum number of people in one helicopter: 5

Terms and Conditions for Kathmandu to Khumjung Helicopter Flight

  •  The helicopter tour depends according to the weather condition
  • The helicopter tour will be postponed or canceled in case of bad weather conditions or technical emergencies. The company has full right to this
  • For the safety of the pilot has full authority to check the weight, route, and ground time.

Safety Rules for a Helicopter flight to Khumjung

Before taking off the Helicopter, you will be given the briefing session which is a must for any kind of helicopter tour. You need to listen to the caption and not behave aimlessly during the flight. Follow the mentioned rules during the helicopter flight to Khumjung.

  • feel free to ask any questions to the flight instructor during the short briefing session
  • Never approach the helicopter from behind
  • Only approach or exit the helicopter after the signal from the captain
  • Keep your seat belt tights, and do not change the seats during the flight
  • Do not rush after the things if they get flown away after you enter the shuttle
  • Take care of your belongings. The company will not be responsible for anything you lost or left behind during the helicopter tour.

Packing List for Kathmandu to Khumjung Helicopter Flight

While booking our team members will provide you with a packing list, but make sure to keep your on-body luggage as light as possible. Some of the essentials that you must carry with you during the Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter flights are as follows

  • Base layer clothing (warm, Breathable clothes)
  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Windproof jacket
  • Documents
  • Sunglasses

Booking Terms and Conditions for Kathmandu to Gokyo Helicopter Tour

Before booking the Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter, please go through our terms and conditions. Once the trip is confirmed, you will be bounded by all of our terms and conditions.

For Booking

To book the helicopter tour, we charge a 25% non-refundable booking cost of the total amount of the package. We will need a copy of your passport and other details for the booking. Our package cost includes all the permits. Therefore you do not have to pay extra for that. The remaining cost, you can pay after you arrive in Kathmandu before the helicopter tour starts. You can pay the booking deposit through Credit card (Master card or Visa Only) or do a wire/bank transfer.

For Cancelation

The company can cancel Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter tour any time before prior information because of unseen events like bad weather conditions, political disturbance, natural disasters, etc. In a case like that, we will be refunding you the money or postpone the trip.

If the helicopter is canceled by the participant, they will lose 25% of the deposit. The percentage may increase depending upon the date on which the company acknowledges the cancellation request.

If the participant requests to cancel the helicopter tour after the beginning of the tour, no refund will be

Included and Excluded Services during the Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter flight


  • Helicopter Fuel Surcharge
  • First Aid Kit
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • No hidden charge


  • Medical Insurance
  • Meals, accommodation
  • Persona; expenses
  • Personal gears down jacket
  • Other equipment’s

Best Time for Kathmandu to Khumjung helicopter tour

Kathmandu to Khumjung Helicopter tour can be done in every season unless the weather is good and is no rainfall and wind. The most necessary thing to be needed during any helicopter tour is the clear sky. Meanwhile, March to April in the spring season and October to November in the autumn season is considered the best season for a Helicopter tour. You can also do this helicopter tour in early May and December. Spring and autumn are the perfect time of the year to do the Khumjung Helicopter tour because of the stable weather and clear views.

These seasons have the most fantastic views of the Himalayan Mountain. Helicopter tours in the Himalayas during the off-seasons can get canceled frequently. The overall trip may not be as smooth as during peak seasons.