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Gorakshep is the last human settlement in the Khumbu valley. Gorakshep lies at an altitude of 5164 meters and is a small temporary settlement of guest houses near the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Gorakshep is also called as dead Raven as the term Gorakhshep came from a local Sherpa term “Gorakh means the Raven and Shep means dead.

The Kathmandu to Gorakhshep helicopter flight provides you with an incredible view of the Himalayas. Kathmandu to Gorakhshep helicopter flight is the best idea if you want to observe the magnificent aerial views of the mountains. The distance between Kathmandu to Gorakhshep is 152 kilometers and takes approximately one hour from Kathmandu to reach Gorakshep. The helicopter tour to Gorakhshep is suitable for those having a short time duration to visit Nepal and still want to visit Gorakshep. This helicopter flight saves time and energy.

The helicopter flight to Gorakhshep offers you more security and comfort than the other regular flights. The helicopter flight to Gorakhshep will be a thrilling experience flying over the snow-clad gorgeous Himalayas and having an eagle-eye view of the landscapes, local settlements, and icefalls of the Everest region. Likewise, while taking the Kathmandu Gorakhshep helicopter service you don’t need to worry about flight delay or cancellation as it will operate during poor weather conditions following all the safety measures.

Well Nepal Travel arranges daily services for a Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Gorakshep. You will get both options of private as well as joining helicopter flights.

Private Helicopter Flights

The cost to Gorakshep also depends upon the helicopter charter flights and group joining flights. Helicopter charter flights are more comfortable as you will explore the beautiful landscapes of the Everest region with your colleagues. So, the cost of hiring helicopter charter flights is a bit more expensive in comparison to group joining helicopter flights. If you take a private Helicopter to Gorakhshep, you will have to face any unnecessary flight delays, and you will not have better privacy flying with your team.

Group Joining Helicopter Flights

The group joining Helicopter tour are very affordable. This Helicopter flight works based on cost sharing. Exciting Nepal arranges the flight who are willing to fly Gorakhshep via helicopter. If you are a single person flying to Gorakshep, Group sharing helicopter flight would be best for you. It will not only save the budget but also assures timely flights.

Best Time for Kathmandu to Gorakhshep Helicopter Flight

Gorakhpur is always a freezing area as it lies at a high altitude. Whether it is summer or winter or autumn or spring, the Gorakhshep is always at nearly freezing point. The Helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Gorakhshep can be done throughout the year. The most necessary thing to be needed during any helicopter tour is the clear sky. Meanwhile, March to April in the spring season and October to November in the autumn season is considered the best season for a Helicopter tour. You can also do this helicopter tour in early May and December. Spring and autumn are the perfect time of the year to do the Gorakhshep Helicopter tour because of the stable weather and clear views.

These seasons have the most fantastic views of the Himalayan Mountain. Helicopter tours in the Himalayas during the off-seasons can get canceled frequently. The overall trip may not be as smooth as during peak seasons.

Included and Excluded Services during the Kathmandu to Gorakhshep helicopter tour


  • Helicopter Fuel Surcharge
  • First Aid kits
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Sightseeing as per Itinerary
  • No hidden charge                                                                                 


  • Medical Insurance
  • Meals, Accommodation
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal gears down jacket
  • other types of equipment

Safety Rules for Kathmandu to Gorakhshep Tour

While taking any helicopter service, safety is the main priority and essential above everything else. The Pilots we have collaborated with are experienced and highly trained pilots and have years of experience flying over the Himalayas and navigating its uniquely diverse weather conditions.

Now talking about the weights in a helicopter, the helicopter has a maximum certified weight set by the helicopter manufacturer. So, the helicopter allows for carrying a total of 350- 500 weights depending on altitude and location. There can be only 5 passengers plus a pilot in one helicopter. Ensuring the proper seat arrangement we balance the weight of the passengers too.

Major Attractions of Kathmandu to Gorakhshep Helicopter flight

  • Fly over the breath-taking snowcapped mountains and beautiful landscapes
  • Get a chance to watch different vegetation
  • Observe the magnificent aerial views of the Everest Mahalangur Mountain range
  • Scenic Mountain flight by Helicopter
  • Aerial view of World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley
  • Easy and comfortable flight over the urban city of Kathmandu
  • Bird`s eye view of beautiful settlement and surrounding landscapes at Gorakshep