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Kathmandu to Lobuche helicopter flight is a helicopter transfer service between Kathmandu and Lobuche and Lobuche to Kathmandu as well. The actual distance between Kathmandu to Lobuche is 150 kilometers. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Kathmandu from Lobuche and vice versa with a helicopter flight. The Kathmandu to Lobuche Heli tour is suitable for those who want to walk further from Lobuche towards the Everest Base camp or Kala Pathar instead of flying to Lukla and strolling uphill to Lobuche.

This Lobuche helicopter shuttle service lets you encounter the beautiful snowy landscape along with the green hills, exotic and unique flora and fauna, and the view of beautiful monasteries. All the people who want to avoid walking can easily adapt to this helicopter flight in order to save time and energy or to evade some circumstances.

Lobuche is the most famous destination for hikers and climbers in the Mount Everest region. Lobuche is a Nepalese mountain that lies close to the Khumbu glacier and the settlement of Lobuche. There are two main peaks, Lobuche East and Lobuche West.

Kathmandu to Lobuche helicopter tour Facts

  • Flight duration from Kathmandu:  1 and half hours
  • Flight duration from Lukla: 45 to 50 minutes
  • Maximum group size: 5 people in 1 helicopter
  • Weight allowance:  400 kilograms + Luggage
  • Minimum altitude: 1400 Meters
  • Maximum altitude:  6,119 Meters

Everest base camp helicopter tour- from Lobuche

Here, we have talked about the Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing at the Kala Pathar viewpoint can also be an ultimate choice. If you are in Lobuche and wish to see Mount Everest (8,848.86 meters) from close along with the stopovers at the places like Kala Pathar, Hotel Everest View, Pheriche, etc. The best itinerary is our page Mount Everest base Camp helicopter tour would be the right suggestion.

Here, your pick-up point will be Lobuche, and following the original trip itinerary, you will cover the places like the flyover to Everest base camp, Hev, Lukla, and finally Kathmandu. Moreover, the Lobuche to EBC helicopter tour offers the best  Views of the Everest Himalayan range, Ama Dablam, Mount Everest, Nuptse, and many peaks during the Heli flight tour.

Lukla to Lobuche helicopter Tour

These helicopter shuttle services are mainly focused on those people who reach Lukla and want to make a short visit to Lobuche within a short period of time, or good for those who want to reach Lobuche by flight from Lukla.

The helicopter flight to Lobuche from Lukla takes 45 to 50 minutes which is a time saver tour for hikers. So, remember us if you are in Lukla or in Lobuche and want to make a short-distance flight by helicopter, you can contact us.

Major Attractions of Kathmandu to Lobuche

  • Chance to witness base camp Everest and glaciers.
  • View of monasteries like Tengboche monastery, Pangboche monastery, and other gompas.
  • Stunning mountains view of Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cholatse, island peak, etc.
  • Famous places like Lukla airport (the world’s one of the most dangerous airports)
  • Various species of flora and fauna.
  • The sight of Cascades, streams, lush green hills, and settlements.

Group Joining Lobuche Helicopter Tour

We offer group joining dates as a fixed departure helicopter flight and collect people on a cost-sharing basis for the helicopter ride. The group joining the helicopter flight shares the total cost of the helicopter flight with all the people flying together.

Lobuche Helicopter tour is more frequent during the trekking season. So we operate a group joining helicopter flights for single trekkers. If you have enough groups for the flight, then let us know about the date and time.

If you are single and want to fly by helicopter ride then contact us with your desired date. If other people are planning to fly by helicopter on a particular date, then we accept your booking for the helicopter flight.

Private Lobuche Helicopter Landing Tour                          

Private helicopter charter flights are the best way to explore the beautiful views with your own team. It’s your private helicopter ride, so a private tour to Lobuche is easy to operate on time because it’s your private ride and there will be no hassles like waiting for other groups, flying around on other’s interests, and so on.

However, the cost for private charter flights is higher than group joining flights. You can make your own group and contact us so we can manage your private helicopter ride on your preferred date and time. The helicopter flight takes you to the base camp to Mount Everest flight to Lobuche is weather dependent so, helicopter flights also depend on weather and condition.

Best Time for Kathmandu to Lobuche Helicopter Flight

Lobuche is always a frozen area as it lies at a high altitude. Whether it is summer or winter or autumn or spring, the Lobuche is always at nearly freezing point. The Helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Lobuche can be done throughout the year. The most necessary thing to be needed during any helicopter tour is the clear sky. Meanwhile, March to April in the spring season and October to November in the autumn season is considered the best season for a Helicopter tour. You can also do this helicopter tour in early May and December. Spring and autumn are the perfect time of the year to do the Lobuche Helicopter tour because of the stable weather and clear views.

These seasons have the most fantastic views of the Himalayan Mountain. Helicopter tours in the Himalayas during the off-seasons can get canceled frequently. The overall trip may not be as smooth as during peak seasons.

Safety Rules for Kathmandu to Lobuche Heli Tour

While taking any helicopter service, safety is the main priority and essential above everything else. The Pilots we have collaborated with are experienced and highly trained pilots and have years of experience flying over the Himalayas and navigating its uniquely diverse weather conditions.

Now talking about the weights in a helicopter, the helicopter has a maximum certified weight set by the helicopter manufacturer. So, the helicopter allows for carrying a total of 350- 500 weights depending on altitude and location. There can be only 5 passengers plus a pilot in one helicopter. Ensuring the proper seat arrangement we balance the weight of the passengers too.